Private Photography Session

Are you an aspiring photographer? Book a Private Photography Session in a city of your choice in Morocco to capture the country's beauty.


Book a private photography session with a professional photographer. This experience will be tailored to your skill level, ensuring that you’ll go home with a portfolio of stunning images!

Capture the magic of Morocco through your lens with a private photography session led by a skilled local photographer! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting on your photographic journey, this experience will help you unlock the beauty of Morocco’s landscapes, people, and culture. From the markets of Marrakesh to the serene oases of the desert, you’ll be guided to the most photogenic locations, receiving tips on how to take the perfect shot.

Private Photography Session

Benefits of this experience:

Personalised Guidance: Our experienced photographer will work closely with you to understand your photography goals, style, and skill level.

Exclusive Locations: Explore handpicked destinations that provide stunning backdrops for your photography. Whether you’re would like to capture urban landscapes, natural wonders, or cultural experiences, we’ll take you to the perfect locations.

Flexible Schedule: The Private Photography Session is entirely flexible. You choose the date, time, and duration that suits your preferences.

Customised Itinerary: Tailor the experience to your interests and photography style. We can focus on architecture, street photography, landscapes, portraits, or any other genre that piques your curiosity.

You can also combine this experience with a guided tour or a full day excursion to some of Morocco’s most beautiful sites.

How it works:

Inquiry: First, simply submit an inquiry through our website. Provide information about your group size (whether it’s an individual, couple, or a small group of friends or family), your preferred destination or type of location (e.g., urban, natural, cultural), and the number of hours you’d like to spend on the session.

Customised Itinerary: Based on your inquiry, we’ll create a customised itinerary, including a list of destinations and a schedule that suits your availability.

Session Day: On the agreed-upon date, our photographer will meet you at the designated location. You need to bring your own camera equipment.

Guided Session: During the session, your photographer will provide personalised guidance, sharing insights, and techniques to help you capture incredible images.

Memorable Experience: Enjoy a memorable and educational photography session tailored to your interests and skill level.