Secrets Along the Coast – Full Day Excursion

Book our exciting excursion "Secrets along the coast" to discover a beautiful side of Morocco with your own personal guide and driver.

Excursion description:

Discover the hidden gems of Morocco’s enchanting coastline on our Secrets Along the Coast full-day excursion. Immerse yourself in the captivating tales and timeless beauty of this vibrant country as you embark on a journey like no other! This exclusive excursion invites you to escape the tourist crowds and explore the lesser-known treasures that line the picturesque Moroccan shore. Our experienced local guide will lead you through an adventure filled with intriguing secrets, ancient history, and breathtaking landscapes.


Coastal Villages: Delve into the lives of local fishermen as you explore charming coastal villages where time seems to stand still.

Atlantic Beaches: Enjoy a leisurely walk along pristine Atlantic beaches, with the soothing sound of the waves as your backdrop.

Historical Insights: Gain deep insights into the region’s history, from its Phoenician roots to its Portuguese influences, as you visit historic landmarks and fortifications.

Why book our coastal excursion:

Booking our Secrets Along the Coast excursion is an opportunity to experience Morocco like never before! Our knowledgeable guide will be your window into the soul of the country, sharing stories and insights that go beyond the guidebook. This tour offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, allowing you to uncover the lesser-known secrets that Morocco’s coastline holds. It’s a chance to escape the crowds and discover the essence of Morocco’s coastal charm!

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Your personal Guide / Driver

Our guides are carefully chosen not just for their expertise but for their passion for Morocco’s rich tapestry of stories. Each is a native, deeply embedded in the rhythms of the city, and fluent in both English and Arabic. Their insights offer a window into the everyday life and history of Morocco, making your journey an amalgamation of folk tales, personal anecdotes, and intricate details that won’t be found in any guidebook. Journey with us, and you’ll be journeying with the best, ensuring a connection to Morocco that is both genuine and profound.

Important details:

Duration: The day trip lasts approximately 12 hours.
Children: This day trip is excellent for families including children who love history and culture.
Accessibility: This tour is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs.
What to bring: Good energy! Then of course enough water, snacks, fitting clothes and comfortable shoes! In addition, always check the weather forecast in advance to make sure you are dressed properly.

Tour conditions:

Cancellation policy: You can cancel your booking up to 3 days in advance. No refund will be given to those who cancel less than 3 days before the tour. We will naturally consider certain exceptions such as emergency situations. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance too. We will do so if our guide is unavailable due to a sudden change or sickness.